Achegour (Niger)

Overview Block MapAchegour Summary
- 15,870km2 located on the flanks of under-explored sub-basins within the Chad Basin including Tenere and Grein
- Covered by gravity survey, satellite imagery study and some 2D seismic
- Working petroleum systems confirmed in one sub-basin
- Variety of structural traps indicated by seismic
- Sediment thicknesses range from 1,500m to 6,000m
- Located next to 2 exploration blocks and Agadem production block all operated by CNPC
- Agadem is reported to have at least 650mmbbls reserves
- Oil flows or shows in Saha-1, Fachi West-1, Fachi-1, Facai-1, Tiffa-1, and Seguedine-1 proved working petroleum systems in Tenere

88NAG851Geological Overview
- Source rocks identified within Late Cretaceous marine shales and Oligocene lacustrine shales with TOC up to 4.5% in Grein, Bilma & Tenere
- Maturity modeling indicates top of “oil window” 2.2km to 2.9km, top of “gas window” 3.6km to 4.1km; sediment thickness is 1.5 to 3km in Grein and Tenere, and 1.5km to 6km in Bilma
- Reservoir rocks of Eocene age composed of fluvial sandstones, with porosities of 16-35% overlain by Oligocene shales and thick Maastrichtian fluvial sandstones with porosities of 25-35%
- Thin, scattered Cenomanian to Senonian sandstones (productive in Northern Chad at the Sedigi field)
- Early Cretaceous sandstones, sealed by Late Cretaceous shales
- Structural traps include rotated fault blocks, reverse drag folds and transtensional /transpressional flower structures
- Structures appear analogous to those in Chad’s proven Doseo Basin and Nigerien Rift Basins seem analogous in size to East African Rift Basins where similar plays have been highly successful in the Albertine Graben and Eastern Branch, Great African Rift